Hi Everyone,

Its finally the weekend! I thought it would be fun to share a little weekend DIY project inspired by something I found on Anthropologie. These pom pom wreaths are ridiculously expensive on their website, especially because it is relatively easy to make. I did try to make a video on this, but felt weird about watching myself talk so I thought I would just do a blog post instead. However, if you are interested please comment below and maybe I will consider finishing the video.



  1. Foam Ring
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Lots of different yarn
  4. Scissors
  5. Pom pom maker or cardboard

To start off, just use some basic yarn and cut out some long strands, then start hot glueing all along the foam ring. Continue hot glueing at both ends of the strands until you have completely covered the foam ring in your yarn. Its okay if some of the foam still pokes through as it will mostly be covered in pom poms.


Once you have covered the foam ring in yarn, you can start making all sorts of different pom poms. I stuck to a white/cream/light gray color scheme with all sorts of different textures,  but these are also super cute if you just go crazy with different colors. I have linked some videos on how to make the pom poms, either with cardboard or the red heart pom pom maker.


Before you start adding the pom poms, I recommend just tying a string and hot glueing it on to give you a way to hang the wreath. Once you have made a sufficient amount of pom poms, you can start hot glueing them on to the wreath on the top and along the edges. I tried to fill in all the gaps and squish pom poms of different textures and sizes together. Also, make sure that each pom pom is secure by adding extra hot glue. Once you have covered it in pom poms, just go through and fill in any gaps.


And there you have it! This is so easy to make, the time consuming part is making all the pom poms. However, you could also just get some pre-made ones from a craft store. I love this and it makes me so excited for winter and Christmas! If you are interested, I also currently have a couple of these wreaths (already made) on my etsy shop. Thank you so much for reading!

– Hannah

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