Spring Target Beauty Unboxing

Hi all! Yesterday, I picked up one of three Target beauty boxes that were on clearance (from $7 to $4.90) at my local Target. I thought this was a pretty good deal and it would be fun to share a little unboxing of what was inside because I have always been curious about these boxes. They had 3 different options. One box had flowers on it, one had a red watercolor look and the other was orange watercolor. Each box has 4-6 sample or travel sized items in them. I chose the flowery one just because I liked the look of the box the most. The contents are also rose based scents and ingredients.

Clearance Target Box.jpg

On the back, you can also see what you will find inside and their ingredients, so if you want to make sure the box will have things in it that are valuable, you can make sure before purchasing it.

Back of target box.jpg

When you open the box up, you can see everything is just loosely in there and the box opens in a way that it can be easily reused. The card on top says that the items in this box should help your skin recover from the winter and give your skin glow and hydration.

Open Target box.jpg

First off, the box includes a sample of the Lavender & Rose Native deodorant. I have actually been getting a lot of these samples and already have one in this scent. I actually find that this is one of the natural deodorants that does work for me. There are also a lot of moisturizing ingredients in this, such as coconut oil and shea butter. I find that I pick up a lot more on the lavender than the rose scent, but there’s definitely some rose in there. A full size of this costs $11.99, but you can pick up the samples sizes at Target for $2.99.


Next, there is a travel size of the Method body wash in Pure Peace. The scents for this body wash include peony, rose water, and pink sea salt. It definitely smells like roses, which I personally like. I know the full size bottles are made of 65% recycled plastic, but I am not sure about this little bottle. The 18 oz size is $6.99, but you can also get these little travel sizes at Target for $1.99.


What I am most excited about in this box is the little bottle of Pixi rose tonic because I have been wanting to try this for a little while. The claims include balancing pH, toning, calming, minimizing redness, and hydrating the skin. This also definitely has that rosewater smell, which I love. The 3.4 oz of the Rose Tonic is $15, but you can get these little Pixi sample size tonics for $4. So the rose tonic alone makes up a lot of the value of the box.

Pixi rose.jpg

Additionally, we have the tiniest samples of the Garnier rose water facial mist (0.061 oz) and moisturizer (0.169 oz). Surprisingly, the spray on the tiny mist is quite intense, but only sprays a small area. The mist is super refreshing, but leaves the skin feeling a little sticky. The scent is refreshing and clean, but not really a rosewater scent. I haven’t yet opened the moisturizer though since it is just in a packet. The full sizes of these cost $6.49 and $7.39. You also get a coupon for $2 off a Garnier SkinActive product. However, I would say that the sizes and packaging of these little samples are something you would easily get for free, so I won’t include the price of these little samples. This is probably why they decided to throw in a coupon.


Overall, the value of the box for the first 3 items is $8.98, so the clearance price is a good deal and there are some fun little things to try out. However, I don’t think I would recommend paying the $7 for it unless these are things you have really been wanting to try out. I hope you enjoyed this little unboxing and will let me know what you think in the comments below!

– Hannah





7 thoughts on “Spring Target Beauty Unboxing

    1. I haven’t seen these in the store before, but every month they are available online for $7 with free shipping. So far I am really enjoying the one I got so I will probably get a full size when I finish my other body washes.

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know they had these on clearance ever, I have a few clearance shelves in Target I never pass up, I need to check out the beauty aisle too!


  2. I love that you shared the difference in price for the full size. Very informative piece!


    1. I really like it! It is very gentle and hydrating, which is great when my skin is freaking out. It really does have that rose scent though, which I love, but if you are sensitive to that smell you may not like it.

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