Crochet Bento Market Bag

Happy Friday! I recently crocheted a bag for the farmer’s market and I have finally taken photos of it to share with you guys! I found the original pattern here. The yarn I used is various blues and greens from the caron simply soft collection. The instructions are really good on that blog page and the pattern is super simple. The only change I made is randomly changing colors between blues and greens. I also recommend pinning the various side of the bag together when you are sewing it because it can get confusing pretty quickly if you’re not doing it on a flat surface.


I did crochet 85 rows total, however I personally found that it was too long because it does stretch out when you add your produce or whatever you choose to use the bag for, so I plan to try this again with fewer rows.


Here is what the finished bag looks like! Like I said, it is a little longer than I wanted, but I do really like how the color changing worked out when you fold the bag together.


I am planning on crocheting another one with different colors and fewer rows, so you can look out for that over on my instagram. Otherwise, I will be using this for lighter items. Thank you for checking out this post and I hope you enjoyed it! Have an amazing weekend!

– Hannah

8 thoughts on “Crochet Bento Market Bag

  1. I made one like that, but in crochet seed stitch (aka lemon peel stitch). It took me a couple of tries to get the folding down, which when I think of it irony springs to mind considering my origami skills as a child. Ha ha! Great job! Love the colors! :O


    1. Haha I did fold it wrong at first and had to start over that’s why it helped to pin it before sewing it together. I love the idea of crochet origami though cause you would only have to crochet squares/rectangles and then you could make it into anything.


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