Project Pan 2019 Update #1

Hi everyone! So, first of all I am continuing to work on a project pan and have been able to finish up a couple of items. This project has been great for finding new favorites that I already own as well as opening my eyes to how long certain products last. In my previous post, I also discussed items that I wanted to finish before Christmas, but while writing this post, I decided to include those in a Winter empties post so that this one is not too long.

I was able to finish:

  1. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick: This is my least favorite foundation. It sticks to dry spots I didn’t even know I had and looks cakey. However, it is super quick and easy to blend in. I probably could have dug into it a little bit for a few more uses, but I really feel it isn’t worth it. Overall I am just happy to get this out of my stash. cJYz1MaVR42nbYHOvf5JzA_thumb_1d.jpg
  2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I did not like this mascara at first, but after I had it for a while I did start to like it a little more and found that it added a lot of volume and length. However, I prefer mascara to be more lengthening and separating, so I probably won’t buy this mascara again.Q04q+62YQOSeN8b%zcNrXg_thumb_25.jpg

I am continuing to work on:

  1. Clinique Powder. I think I am so close to hitting pan on this. It is not my favorite powder and is pretty old, so I am going to keep trying to use this regularly, but have decided I will likely declutter once I hit pan just because I think it probably time to get rid of it.mEEXc4MRTQOcy2w3N%OSYA_thumb_2a.jpg
  2. Pixi Makeup Fixing Spray: I like the scent of this spray, it does take down the powdery finish, however the sprayer is terrible and this seems to impact the effect. Sometimes I have to use my makeup sponge after spraying in order to distribute the spray more. Next time I am looking for a setting spray, I will look for a sprayer that distributes more evenly. SKAxeyjmSK+mda4qF38UFQ_thumb_38.jpg
  3. Estee Lauder Day Wear BB. I do really like this and definitely think I can finish it in the next month. It adds a nice amount of tint and evens out skin tone while being moisturizing. I may consider buying this one again in the future. 6bRV8Yr8RD+49TDn0SIYMA_thumb_2e.jpg
  4. Clinique eyeshadow: I was questioning whether to keep this because the shadows weren’t as pigmented as I wanted them to be. However, what is so great about a project pan is that it gets me thinking about ways I can use the products that work for me and I have found that applying this with my finger makes the shadows feel a lot more creamy and pigmented. I think I can hit pan on the light purple color (Rock violet), but I will think about whether to keep them once I hit pan on it just due to how long I have had this. 27RDsM49QlqehMKU26+bgQ_thumb_36.jpg
  5. IPKN green Primer. I received this little sample in a Birchbox. After using this a few times, I like it a bit more than I initially thought and really like that it has SPF in it, but its still not something I would purchase because I really haven’t found a noticeable difference in redness when I use this.Ilh%DdbOSUGwG+MU%PVhaA_thumb_30.jpg
  6. NYX liquid Illuminator. I received this in an Ipsy bag and think I used this maybe once or twice in the past few months and I am not really liking the consistency of it. I am actually considering decluttering it, so I am going to use it a few times in the next week and decide whether to get rid of it.G4+LYS7xTyGPq58VfMhwww_thumb_33.jpg
  7. Maybelline Fit me concealer: This is not my favorite concealer because I think it looks a bit cakey around blemishes. I have been applying this to my eyes as an eyeshadow primer as well and can definitely see that I have made progress on this, so I want to continue using it and finish it up.vuB7Q1tLQs2loQQzInltvw_thumb_23.jpg
  8. Essence Satin Touch Blush: I love this blush, but it is broken 😦 I really would like to finish it. There is a dent, but I know its going to take forever! I am hoping that some day I will get a magnetic palette and I can depot it and put it into the palette because I definitely want to keep this one.HFd5DwybQC+0dj+MpVGIWg_thumb_1e.jpg
  9. Catrice highlighting powder: I initially thought that this highlight didn’t do anything, but it has really grown on me. I think you have to get through the top layer in order to get more payoff. It is the perfect subtle highlight for day to day and I have started to see some progress on it.1lHvpCKNQ1yRJ8fCJWTxzw_thumb_1f.jpg
  10. Elf luscious liquid lipstick: This one is so close to being done! I actually really love the gold shift it has and is really nice on its own or over a lipstick. I won’t repurchase this right away because I am trying not to buy makeup, but will definitely consider it in the future. VMzVVaWPQlKNtMsbUl4X0A_thumb_24.jpg
  11. Physicians Formula bronzer: I am regretting this because this came in a pack of two, I think it was from Ross. It looks beautiful, but it is nowhere near my favorite bronzer. It is too sparkly and orange. I have been using it more as a blush than a bronzer, which I feel works pretty well. However, despite using this fairly regularly, I haven’t seen any progress on it. 1LvLv+LUQRqpwcHMiWVbqw_thumb_31.jpg

So, now I would like to briefly discuss my future plans for this project pan. After reading and watching many videos on how others do project pans, I will be starting to mark my progress on the items I am able to. I have finished 2 items, but had 13 items in this project pan to begin with. But, I have decided I would like to keep this to a “Rolling Project 10 Pan,” so I will keep the 11 items I have in there for now because there are some I am sure I will finish or declutter soon, and then on my next update in a couple of months I will discuss what I have done with these products and what I am adding to the project. I feel that decreasing the number of items in the project pan will give me more freedom in using the other makeup I have. I would love to hear in the comments whether you have tried any of these products and any recommendations you have for a project pan!

Thanks so much for reading!

– Hannah


9 thoughts on “Project Pan 2019 Update #1

  1. Hello Hannah, Interested in some of your comments. First, hope your last few months of school goes quickly. You’re looking at the end.
    Also, I’m a Rodan + Fields consultant and was intrigued by your blog posts to use up your stuff. I think your analysis of each product is interesting but I would love to share about R+F skincare.


  2. Great post! I am doing the slow same analysis you are! NO new purchases of make up OR clothes! (the second one is my goal!) But I am working my way through my closet very carefully and hope to have a very curated, well fitting wardrobe really soon! 🙂


  3. I hate Pixi’s spray bottles! I like the products themselves but the bottles not so much.
    I’m also not the biggest fan of the Fit Me Concealer, it’s too drying for my skin right now!
    Great job making progress on your project pan!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Physician’s Formula bronzers are both a blessing and a pain to use up. At least it has a lot of product in it! It took me well over a year to finish up my first butter bronzer with me using that bronzer almost consistently every day.


  5. Its always interesting to see someone elses project pan progress. When it comes to my favourite products I actually avoid finishing things! Strange I know. I stop using it when theres a little bit left. Especially when it comes to perfumes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know me too! I will just stop when I am close to using something up, especially if it was expensive I won’t even use it. I am not sure why I do it!


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