January 2019 Favorites

I hope everyone had an amazing January! Mine has been so cold and I am ready for it to warm up a bit. Now that it is February, I thought I would share some of my favorite beauty items from last month.

1. Covergirl Eyelash Curler

I have just recently started curling my eyelashes and even using this basic curler from Covergirl has really converted me to curling my eyelashes. Just adding one coat of mascara after curling my lashes creates such a beautiful effect and this has just become a regular part of my makeup routine this month.


2. Ouai Leave in Conditioner

I was so excited to receive this in Birchbox a while ago and have been using it sparingly since. I spray this on the ends of my hair in my tangles and it works very well, but what I love most about it is the fragrance, which is a clean, lemony, musky smell. I have even thought about getting the perfume in this. I currently have a larger size leave in conditioner that I am using, but plan on getting the full size of this once I run out.


3. Gold Bond Radiance Renewal Cream

My hands have been super dry this winter and this is the only hand cream I have found that makes a difference. It absorbs quickly and when you apply it you can feel the cream on your hands, but it’s not greasy and slippery. I also love the coconut smell. If you can’t find anything that works to hydrate dry skin, I definitely recommend trying this out.


4. Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich

I was pretty sure this moisturizer was overhyped, but decided to try it out when I found out it had a lavender scent. However, not only do I love the smell, but it is so nice and thick, it has helped keep my skin so nicely hydrated throughout the winter. It also works really well at smoothing out your skin before applying makeup. I recommend trying this if you love lavender and need a nice thick face cream. I also have a link for you to get 10% off Glossier if you see anything you are interested in!


5. Glossier You Perfume

I have never bought an expensive perfume before, but I was able to sample this through ScentBird and couldn’t resist. I have been using this perfume everyday for a while now and I think its amazing, especially for the fall and winter. Apparently the fragrance changes depending on your body and the smells you naturally produce, but it has a spicy, woody, musky smell, which I have found is my favorite type of fragrance and I think I will keep re-purchasing this forever.


Thanks for letting me share some of my recent favorite products and checking out my blog! I would really love to see your favorites in the comments below and am always open to new suggestions. Have an amazing weekend!


8 thoughts on “January 2019 Favorites

  1. I feel like the one thing missing from my life is a pore filling primer, but I love the idea of a thick moisturizer! Might have to try this!


      1. It’s like just the part of my cheeks near my nose needs a little bit of extra pore filling, then I’d be set!


      2. Definitely will! That’s not my niche that I write about but I really love watching and reading about makeup!


    1. I do think they are worth it. Birchbox is only $10 month if you are looking to discover some new products and you always get more than $10 worth of items.


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