No Buy Year 2019: Introduction

Happy New Year!!

Recently, I have really been inspired by You-tuber Hannah Louise Poston. who did a year-long no buy in 2018. I know that a lot of other You-tubers have also been inspired by her and if you just search no buy year, there will be so many results of people who are planning one for this year. I have been inspired by Hannah and motivated by an upcoming move back across the country and I really want to reduce the number of things I need to pack up. Therefore, I would like to do a version of a no buy year in 2019, keeping in mind this upcoming major change in my life. My hope is that a no buy year will not only help save money, but force me to use up products that I already have and in the future think about purchases more deeply and decrease the amount of waste I produce. My rules and exceptions will be slightly different as I would really like to set myself up for success.

I am not sure what my job will look like when I move, so I am thinking that I will reassess my clothing at that time if my job requires a professional wardrobe. Furthermore, when I do move, I really want to think carefully about the furniture I purchase (all furniture will be sold or donated before moving). When this time comes (around June) I will make a detailed post on what my plan is for moving during a no buy year. One of the requirements will be that I go through the boxes I have in storage so that I am not buying things I already have. However, following the initial move and carefully deciding what I need to purchase, the rules and exceptions below will continue. I do really think the second half will be the most difficult part of the year.

The Rules: 

  1. No purchasing makeup of any sort.
  2. No purchasing yarn or knitting/crocheting supplies
  3. No household decor items, dishes etc.
  4. No purchasing skin care or hair care in categories that do not need replacement or adopting new categories of skincare
  5. No purchasing clothing for the first 5 months & only professional clothing thereafter
  6. No purchasing furniture for the first 5 months & only essentials thereafter
  7. Unnecessary office supplies (pens, notebooks etc).
  8. No purchasing jewelry
  9. No purchasing plants
  10. Gift cards are treated as normal money

The Exceptions

  1. Food (I don’t think I am really going to set up any rules for this, but would really like to work on producing less food waste)
  2. Healthcare, medicine etc.
  3. Essential school supplies (textbooks, required items)
  4. Experiences (going somewhere to do something)
  5. Replacement skincare (for completely empty categories)
  6. Essential household items (toilet paper, toothpaste, laundry detergent etc.)
  7. Gas, oil changes etc.
  8. Cat supplies
  9. Gifts, within reason (~$30 for a gift)
  10. Free samples & gifts

I am currently visiting my parents across the country, so I am not able to make a list of the items I currently own, but once I get back home I will make a post on the items I have. At that time, I will also more thoroughly layout the categories of items and exceptions. However, I thought I would share the products I picked up yesterday, knowing that I was going to start some version of this year long no buy today.




Please let me know what kind of new years resolutions you have made and whether you are doing something similar. Thanks for reading!

– Hannah

26 thoughts on “No Buy Year 2019: Introduction

  1. Great post! I wish you well on your goals and journey! One thing I most definitely plan to do is reorganize under my bathroom sinks. (all three of them) I am sure I will find half used products of all sorts. You have inspired me to be more conscious of how I use these products verse buying new. Thank you! ❤

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    1. Thanks! The only reason I decided not to just do a budget is because I hate packing things up when moving, so I am hoping to really use as much up and know that everything has been well loved when it comes time to move.


  2. I hadn’t heard of this before and find it interesting. I have had a moratorium on buying because of money issues and space issues all my life. BUT I don’t go places where I might be tempted to buy yarn or fabric. (Because I get compulsive ) I do buy books and starting last year, I began to buy skincare. I became a Rodan + Fields consultant because I found good skincare and my New Year’s Resolution was to take care of my skin. LOL
    One year later, I have more money, but can’t stand clutter, so still don’t buy but that doesn’t mean I don’t have stuff to get rid of. One of this year’s New Year’s Resolution is to push harder to de-clutter. AND learn to say no when others are getting rid of their clutter.
    Thanks for the post and the encouragement to keep on. Best Wishes on your move.

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    1. Yes I definitely need to work on that too. I haven’t yet found great systems to organize things, which I need to work on, but I also want to make sure I am getting my moneys worth out of the things I have bought.


  3. What an interesting challenge. I hope you are successful! Harder for me as a wife and mom of 6 to do something like this without everyone else on board, but it is an idea to consider at any rate.

    Blessings to you!

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    1. That wound definitely be a huge challenge! If you are interested I know some people do this for a much shorter time period or just focusing on a certain category. Thanks for reading!

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  4. I’m doing something similar. I haven’t set out rules, but basically I really hate waste and want to use up the products that I have, so I’m only buying new ones if something runs out and I don’t have anything like that in my collection.

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    1. Yeah that is pretty much how I am going about it and I have so many partially used products so I am curious to see how long it takes before I run out.


  5. I think this is a great idea! I tried a no spend month and it was pretty tough… it would be amazing if I could make it a whole year!!!

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  6. Wow, a whole no-buy year huh! I don’t think I can do that. I don’t even own enough mascara’s to last the year. But aside from essential things that I need, I think it would be doable… I’d have to be creative though on my blog. As it’s a beauty blog and that I often do reviews… I’ll need to do more make up looks and other type of posts. I’m not really sure how that would turn out… Anyways, good luck!! xoxo Sarah

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    1. Thanks! I do think mascara is something I will need to buy eventually, but I have a lot. I guess technically it is a “low buy” because I plan to replace things I run out of.


  7. I really like this idea! I am going to try to adapt it, though I think a year will be hard for me, but definitely a good exercise and more manageable, because of the categories… what I have tried recently is to set fixed times I am allowed to buy things every couple of months. Then, in between, if I think I want to buy something, I write it on a list, and a lot of times, by the time a couple of months has passed, I don’t want it anymore. Thanks for sharing this!


  8. I am currently doing this, I haven’t been buying any makeup or skincare products for a few months now, and the clothes I buy second hand. I can’t stand clutter and waste, so I’m trying to finish everything I have before buying replacements. It’s really fun I think 🙂

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