Faux Fur Cozy Pillows

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday, but my next last minute DIY Christmas gift idea is these cozy pillows. I do not sew, but these were easy for even me to make. I purchased 2.5 yards of this faux sherpa at joann’s which is currently on sale and honestly, I just used the insides of a cheap pillow from target , but you could also get some actual pillow stuffing. I’ve added hyperlinks to this post, but obviously if you want this done on time, if you go into a fabric store they will have similar alternatives.

Once you have your supplies, you will need to whip out some scissors, a sewing needle and some thread. First cut you fabric into 4 equal pieces (size), or to make it easier, you could do 2 strips, giving you one less side to sew.


Then putting the wrong sides out, line up two pieces of the fabric and start sewing a running stitch along 1/4 on one of the edges, making sure the fabric is even as you you go along. After you have sewed 4 corners and are back to the starting side, leave a gap  big enough that you will be able to fit the stuffing in.

IMG_3386.JPGBefore you put the stuffing in, it is time for my favorite part, you need to flip the pillow so that it is no longer inside out, pulling it through the gap you left. Make sure that you poke out each of the corners, then you can start filling it with stuffing. Once you have done that, you need to fold the edges of the gap in and start sewing a running stitch again (or if you know how, an invisible stitch), but try to keep it as close to the inside as possible. Then, once you are done leave the tiniest gap so that you can tie off the string and stick it on the inside to hide it. Then fluff up your pillow and that’s it you can wrap them up or tie a bow around them!


I hope those instructions made sense because I seriously don’t know any technical terms for sewing. Also, I’ve linked a YouTube video on how to hand sew a pillow that may be a bit more helpful. But, if you have some time these make such a cute present and are quick to make. I would love to see any pillows that you have made or your other handmade Christmas presents!


Thanks so much for reading!


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