Carry-on Skincare & Hair-care

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for traveling and this Christmas, I am headed back to the West Coast for a total of 16 hours in the airport/on planes. So, I though I would share what my carry-on skincare/hair-care bag is looking like.

First of all, I thought I would go over the rules for how much fluid you can bring in your carry-on. The basic rule is 3-1-1. This means 3.4 ounce per bottle or less, 1 quart-sized clear, plastic, zip bag, and 1 bag per passenger. So, I got a clear TSA approved, reusable plastic pouch from amazon and broke out my fancy sample and travel sized products to start packing for my trip. Here are some shots of what I was able to fit in this bag, I will go through the products below.




Carry-on skincare & hair-care list:

  1. Shampoo & Conditioner: Gliss Ultra Moisture
  2. Leave in Conditioner: Ouai leave in conditioner
  3. Dry Shampoo: Nexxus Refreshing mist unscented
  4. Body Wash: Olay cleansing infusion
  5. Lotion: Bath and Body Works
  6. Toothpaste: Hello Sensitivity relief fluoride toothpaste
  7. Deodorant: Native Coconut and Vanilla
  8. Lip Balm: Dr. Bronner’s naked organic lip balm
  9. Sunscreen: Clarins UV plus antipollution
  10. Perfume: Estee Lauder Modern Muse
  11. Micellar Water: Clarins Water comfort one-step cleanser
  12. Face Wash: Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face wash
  13. Toner: Vichy Purete thermale
  14. Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty Ultra repair barriair cream
  15. Serum: Private doctor define minus serum
  16. Eye cream: Mario Badescu hyaluronic eye cream
  17. Mask: Mario Badescu Flower and Tonic mask
  18.  Facial Oil: VictoriaLand Beauty Skin Loving Elixir

For makeup, I decided to stick to powders as much as possible, but the liquids that I included in this bag are:

  1. Mascara : Eyeko black magic mascara
  2. Brow mascara: Essence Make me brow
  3. Liquid lipstick: Nyx Soft matte lip cream in Zurich



The maximum product size I have here is 1.7 ounces and I really hope I am not forgetting anything. Now, I have not tried the shampoo/conditioner or the toothpaste, but since I am going home I know that there are alternatives there that I can use instead if necessary. I also haven’t tried out the moisturizer well enough, so I may see if I can fit in another little sample. Everything else I recommend and will definitely be happy with for a couple weeks.

I hope this was helpful and I would love to hear your thoughts on these products as well as general tips for long flights. Also, let me know if you would be interested in seeing the rest of what I am packing. I will definitely let you know how it went when I finally get there.

– Hannah

2 thoughts on “Carry-on Skincare & Hair-care

    1. I’m happy it was helpful! I had to re-look them up because I usually only go for extended periods and don’t bring very many fluids, so this was a fun post to make


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