Woven Lavender

Hi everyone I am really excited to share that I officially have my own domain name, hannahsloop.com, so check out the home page of my site!

It is now the 3rd day of summer and I am loving it. For those of your who are also in the summer season or have some lavender near them, I made this super cute tutorial for weaving lavender.


To start off, I picked out some freshly cut lavender, yarn, a yarn needle, and a fork (see my tutorial for the woven hanging I previously made for more step by step instructions). Then, with my first color, I wove in front and behind each stem of the lavender.



You can play with where you start and end each color a bit to make some fun patterns. It was also really nice to play with some different yarn textures. When you decide to change colors, make sure  to sew in the extra yarn a couple times and cut it off on the side that is going to be the back in order to keep the yarn from getting loose. As you go, make sure to push the yarn up with your fork in order to keep it tight (please ignore how bad my nail polish is in this picture).


Once you’ve finished the weaving, make sure to cut all the stems so that they end at the same length. Then, make sure to push the yarn as tight as possible with the fork and that you have sewn in all the loose ends.


Once you are done, you can put your lavender in a vase, or I decided to pin it up on my bulletin board. These were so easy to make and smell delicious.

Thanks for reading!

~ Hannah


7 thoughts on “Woven Lavender

  1. Congrats for your new domain name! I had a .com domain hosted on a different platform for years but I got rid of it and bought a .blog domain here on WordPress.


  2. Such a cool idea! I’ve never seen this done before. I love the calming fragrance of lavender so much. It shows up everywhere in my home.


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