Embroidered Dino Pocket Tee

I am so excited for the new Jurassic world movie to come out and have been seeing little dino tees everywhere. I am not the best at embroidery, but  I thought I would give this little embroidered decal a go.

Click this link to see my inspiration for this tee shirt. It was super easy to do and just requires a shirt, needle, 2 colors of embroidery thread and hoop.


First off, place the hoop around the section you are going to embroider and trace your outline on your shirt that you would like to use. I just used regular pen that I could wash out.


Next, just do a really simple stitch around the outline of your dino, go completely around in one color before switching to your second color. I just left knots inside the pockets as they won’t get disturbed in there.


Tie off all your strings inside the pocket and take off your embroidery hoop when you are all finished. I also decided to add a little yellow knot eye at the last minute. And that’s it! It was so easy and I think its so adorable.


I am excited that I was able to improve my embroidery skills a bit and now I have my very own dino pocket tee on a shirt that I was just planning to get rid of.


Let me know what you think and if you have any further embroidery tips or tricks for me. Thanks so much for reading!!

~ Hannah


7 thoughts on “Embroidered Dino Pocket Tee

  1. Hannah, I love your creativity. Keep it up, and I can’t wait to see some original ideas from your heart. You are a creator of joy and happiness, there’s so much more waiting to come out. I love your work!!!

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