Lavender Coconut Oil Body Scrub

I am constantly scrolling through pinterest looking for DIY ideas. I rarely ever fully complete an idea, but when I saw this post I knew I would love it. My two favorite scents are lavender and coconut, which also happen to be amazing fragrances for the spring and summer.  So, if these are some of your favorite scents as well, you should definitely try this scrub out.



  1. 1 cup mixture of coarse sea salt and sugar
  2. 1/2 cup organic coconut oil (melted)
  3. 10 drops lavender essential oil
  4. freshly picked and/or dried culinary lavender


All you need to do is mix everything together in a large bowl and then pour it into a clean jar you have lying around.


I recommend choosing sea salt vs. sugar as the main scrub ingredient based on how coarse you need the scrub to be. I will be mainly using this on my feet since I often walk around barefoot during the summer, so I included some of the coarse sea salt, but it mainly consisted of sugar so that I can use this on my arms and legs as well. If you were for instance planning on using this as a lip scrub, I recommend using sugar only.


I like this scrub more than ones I have purchased in the past and it is so much more customizable when you are the one making it. Also, I think it smells delicious, but obviously you can change the essential oils based on fragrances you love. Let me know if you like posts like this or if there are any other DIY pins you’ve seen that you would like me to review. Also, later this week I will be contacting the winners of my giveaway, so keep your eyes out.

Thanks for reading!
– Hannah

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