Grey and white bobble cushion cover

Hey everyone! I have had this cushion cover almost completed for about a month now, so I am excited to finally post the pattern! This is a super easy pattern, which I got the inspiration from this pin. I have had the Fjadrar duck feather pillows from Ikea for a while now and have been wanting to make covers for them so I am excited to finally share my pattern.


  1. The main yarn I used was Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in Midnight Stripes. Start by slip stitching 40
  2. Turn and single crochet across
  3. Turn, slip stitch one, single crochet across.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you reach a length of 39 inches/99cm.


Next, I used Red Heart Super Saver in white to create bobbles. I have 8×8 bobbles, which I only added to the front, but you can definitely add these to both sides. In order to create the bobbles, pick a starting point (mine leaves a 3×3 inch boarder). Insert your yarn into the grey post where you will be starting and slip stitch. Then wrap around and insert into the same post, pull through 2 strands of yarn, repeat this step until you have 5 loops on the hook. Then wrap around and pull through all 5 loops. Next, insert your yarn into the nearest single crochet and single crochet, then cut the end and pull the ends on either side of the bobble through to the back and tie off. Cut off any excess yarn. Continue creating bobbles until you have the desired pattern.



After you have finished crocheting on your bobbles, you are going to fold your work in half and sew along two sides and 5 inches along the bottom, leaving a hole to insert your pillow. Next, you can choose two buttons to sew on and just button them through an area on the bottom. Tie everything off and you’re done!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Plan on seeing more home decor category posts over the summer because I will be moving soon and will be blogging about that. Thanks for reading!

– Hannah

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