Recycled Charms On DIY Bracelets

Hi everyone!

I recently was sorting through my jewelry and I found a few single earrings and broken bracelets. Since I still loved the charms on them, I decided to breathe new life into them and create delicate little bracelets. I also had a stash of small beads to use, but one can find a ton of assorted glass beads on Amazon. The project was really simple, but I thought I would share it with you guys anyway.

blue brac.JPG

For these bracelets I have used a Clear Stretchy Beading Cord. I tied on the clasps to one end before stringing the beads on. But, ideally I would definitely recommend using Crimping tubes to keep the clasps in place. For the blue one above, I decided to make a pattern, but then it was also fun to choose randomly for the green one I made.

green brac.JPG

I love the final product and the heart charms are the perfect touch for Valentine’s Day. I definitely recommend trying this out, especially if you have single earrings that you don’t want to get rid of.


I hope you enjoyed this post and have a fantastic week!

– Hannah

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