Infinity Scarfie In Magenta

Hi everyone! It was just my birthday on Sunday and I am hoping to share a post on the amazing presents I received! But, today I wanted to share a scarf I recently completed for my grandma. It is so simple to make, you just knit stitch the whole way until it is long enough. For this scarf Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn, Charcoal/Magenta. It really only takes 1 skein or less to create this scarf.


With 8mm knitting needles:

  1. Cast on 25 stitches
  2. Turn and knit stitch until the end of the row
  3. Continue knit stitching each row until you reach a length of 66 inches
  4. At this point you could cast off all the stitches and then sew the two ends of the scarf together. Then, sew in all of the stray bits of yarn.


The picture below better shows the color of the yarn if you are interested!

scarf-hang.jpgThanks for reading!!

– Hannah

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