Colorful little cotton crochet rug

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I would share a rug that I recently crocheted for my bathroom. The yarn that I used for this rug was a combination of a bunch of varieties of two different yarns: Lily Sugar n’ Cream and Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. I used a 10mm crochet hook to make this.

Using 2 strands of yarn together, chain 38.

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook and in each chain across. Chain 1, turn.

Row 2: SC into only the front of the first stitch SC into only the back of the second stitch, SC in the front, SC in the back and continue until the end of the row.

Repeat Row 2 until the rug is approximately 20 inches long. I randomly switched one of the colors at a time after about 3 rows. To achieve a twisted type look


Then, you can cut the end of that yarn and pick your favorite color for the border. I chose baby blue. Half double crochet all the way around the rug, with two half double crochet on the four corners.

Lastly, I added the tassely bits to the ends. For this I chose, the bright yellow color and tied them into to each of the stitches on either end of the rug.


Once I had all of the tassels tied on, I cut them all based on the length of the shortest one. Then you are all done! I decided to use my little rug as a bath mat, but you could make yours slightly bigger and put it in a different area of your home.


I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing Friday!!

– Hannah

18 thoughts on “Colorful little cotton crochet rug

  1. I likey! I noticed that you double-stranded; I did not, and now that I see yours, I think I will make another…double-stranded for more durability. Mine is a bit wonky 😀


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