Free Knitting & Crochet Patterns for Christmas

I recently went through my Pinterest in search of free patterns to knit and crochet as Christmas presents. I have never paid for a pattern and I save a lot of things on there that I am hoping to make my own patterns for. However, there are a ton of free patterns out there. So I just wanted to share some super cute ones that I found and am hoping to make soon. I have posted all the links to the patterns and blogs in the descriptions.

Knitting Patterns:

knitted color block scarf1. The first pattern is a Tasseled Garter Stitch Scarf from Flax and Twine. You can find a bunch of other amazing free patterns if you look at her Projects and Patterns section. It looks super easy to make and I love color blocking on this scarf. I think this would make a great present for my mom or a friend and would be pretty quick to knit up.

chunky pillows

2. I love these Chunky Knitted Round Pillow from lebenslustiger. They would be a perfect gift to go in a nursery. This blog also has a ton of other beautiful patterns and I could spend hours looking at them.


3. My dad definitely needs some mittens as he had to borrow some of mine recently for a trip. Therefore, I think mittens are the perfect thing for me to knit up for him. I was able to find these awesome Manly Mitts on Knitty.

t shirt yarn clutch.jpg

4. I often don’t like knitted or crocheted purses, but I absolutely fell in love with this Knitted Clutch from Eat Me Blog when I saw it. I am positive one of my friends would love to receive this for Christmas and I have a ton of t-shirt yarn that I had no idea what to do with.

easiest socks

5. I would also love to knit socks for as many people as possible because I think socks are  the classic Christmas present. I have actually been unable to finish a pair of socks in the past. But, I’m thinking I should be able to knit The Easiest Knitted Socks Ever, right? I found this pattern on Zoom Yummy. I’ll let you know how easy they really are to make.

Crochet Patterns:

pom pom blanket1. I have been looking for a baby blanket pattern to make for my best friend’s new baby girl and in my searching, I found this adorable pattern “the loft” pom baby blanket from Mama and a Stitch. I really love the adorable pom poms on this! But, I think I might try this out in a brighter color because I feel like you can really choose fun colors for baby items.

plaid hat

2. My boyfriend is also requesting a hat, which I have made him many of, so I was looking for new patterns as inspiration. On Whistle and Ivy, I found this Plaid Slouchy Hat, which I think will be fun to try out. However, maybe I will ditch the pom pom on this one because he doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of pom poms.


3. Okay, this Nordic Crochet Super Scarf from Make and Do Crew is so cool. It is so huge and I love the pattern on it. I think this could be perfect for one of my boyfriend’s sisters. However, I think this would take me quite a while to make and I am not sure I would get it done on time for Christmas.

kitty dolls

4. These crochet cats are so cute! I found the pattern on Repeat Crafter Me, which also has a ton of projects. I think my niece would really love them! I am definitely going to try this pattern out.

ipad case

5. Lastly, I know that someone in my family is getting an Ipad for Christmas, so I thought I would crochet up this nice little Crochet Ipad Case. This pattern is from Floral and Feather. 

I hope you enjoyed my compilation of patterns and I hope to do this again, maybe with a more specific category. Comment below on what you think of these ideas or if there is a certain type of free patterns you have been on the lookout for. Also, check out my Instagram to see what I just received in the mail!

Thanks for reading!

– Hannah

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