Experimenting With Yarn Cakes

I recently purchased a yarn winder, which is available on both KnitPicks and Amazon because I have been obsessed with yarn cakes and I wanted to try making my own. This also allows your to get your new yarn into a ball so much faster than winding by hand.

knitpicks ball winder.jpg

After you have set up your winder and attached it to a table, you need to pick out which color combination of yarns you want. I already had some of my rolled into balls, but here is a picture of the overall setup. Then, you can start winding away with the handle.


Once you have your desired amount of your middle yarn, you can tie the next yarn on. To make sure the strands stay together, I tied the first yarn around the second and then looped the second around the first and pulled the two knots as tight as possible.

double tie.jpg

Next, you pull the two strands together, getting the knots as close together as possible. Then, cut off the excess at the end of the knot as close as you can possibly get. I have never had this knot come apart. IMG_1606.JPG

After that, you can keep winding your second color and add more colors as desired. Once you are done, just tuck your end string into the center of the ball. This yarn winder creates either a center or outer pull yarn. Here are the cakes I have come up with so far. IMG_1611.JPG

These were super fun to make and a perfect stash busting project. The yarns I used: left cake is Caron Simply Soft . The middle is Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn and on the right, I used Lily Sugar ‘N Cream Yarn.

In the middle, I used lion brand homespun and on the right I used Lilly and Sugar yarns.

I haven’t decided what I am going to make with these yet, but I will definitely create a post when I use them. I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading.

– Hannah

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