Fluffy Winter White Hat

Winter is coming… Well, it’s already here where I live. Therefore, I thought I would use my new knitting skills to make a nice warm winter beanie. I used super soft yarn for my hat, the main yarn was Premier Yarn Hush in Cream with the accent yarn Caron Simply Soft in Robins Egg, which I also used for a bobble. This was a super easy pattern, which I followed the same principle as this pattern, except with knitting instead of crochet.


  1. Cast on 25 stitches with both yarns. This will be the height of your hat and you can add more stitches if you prefer a slouchier hat.
  2. Knit stitch 65 rows or enough to fit around your head.
  3. Cast off your 25 stitches.
  4. Then, use a yarn needle and stitch together your hat. At this point it should look like a long cowl.
  5. When you reach the top, fold your hat in half and pull the yarn through the opposite side of the hat. Keep doing this until there aren’t any holes at the top of the hat.
  6. Cut yarn and tie off.

To make a bobble, I used these instructions: Here, but instead of a fork I used a large spatula.

This is how my hat turned out!


fluffy hat.JPGsmoke stacks hat.JPG

Thanks for reading!

– Hannah

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