Mohair Mouse Cat Toy

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would share a pattern from my first inspiration to start crocheting,  the Cozy Crochet Kit, which my grandmother gave me one year for my birthday. It is a super cute little box with 25 pattern cards, 5 crochet hooks, a small book on basic terms/techniques, and a small skein of yarn. I recently found this little box again and decided to try one of the patterns included. I found a simple one to start off with for a Mohair Mouse Cat Toy because Mae’s current toys are a bit beat up. I have also never worked with mohair before.


For this project, I used Lion Brand Boucle Yarn – Wild Berries, which is 20% mohair. However, if you are new to crocheting, I don’t recommend using a yarn with this kind of texture as it can be very difficult to see where your stitches are. The pattern breaks the pattern into the sides, back, bottom, ears, and tail.


All the pieces are super quick to stitch up and once you are finished, you can sew them all together and make beady little eyes to complete the project.

mouse pattern.jpg

mouse.jpgkitty mouse.JPG

Now Mae has a new toy to destroy! Hopefully I will be able to get around to a few of the other patterns in this box!

Have a great week!

– Hannah

5 thoughts on “Mohair Mouse Cat Toy

  1. Every catnip toy I have ever given my various cats over the years, they have chewed open to get at the catnip. Finally I bought some Habu wool-and-stainless-steel yarn to knit them a catnip toy. Tragically, I have not made it yet — so many projects, so little time…


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