DIY Painted Pinecone Hanging

I am currently working on decorating my studio apartment and right now I am focusing on creating decorations for the wall around my desk/office area. Since I am on a budget, I am trying to use things I can find outside or laying around the house. For this particular project, I created a wall hanging out of pinecones and paint.

You will need:

1. Perfect Pinecones (however many you want for your wall hanging – I used 4)

2. Indoor paint and paintbrush (I had leftover samples from Sherwin-Williams in cream and light green).

3. String or yarn to tie them together and scissors.

pinecone no paint.JPGFirst, I found my leftover paint samples. I had some tan colors, but decided to go with cream and light green. I was also able to find some pinecones that were good shapes and not crushed.Β painting pinecones.JPG

Next, I just rolled the pinecones around in my chosen paint colors.

dry pinecones.JPG

I used a paintbrush to get the paint more into the crevices, but didn’t completely cover them with paint, although that may be interesting to try out too. Then, I let them dry.

pinecone +string.JPG

Once they were dry, I tied them together with yarn in a layout that I was happy with and pinned them to the wall. These would make really cute Christmas decorations or ornaments.

Pinecone wall hanging

Have a nice day!

– Hannah

7 thoughts on “DIY Painted Pinecone Hanging

  1. I once tried dipping them in a can of paint…it took like a week to dry πŸ™‚ I love this version better. They would look great as Christmas Tree decoration! Lovely!


    1. Oh really? That’s too bad! I was thinking that might look really cute. This version took a couple hours to dry in the summer weather.


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