DIY Printable Graduation Announcements

I am a little late on this, but this weekend I finally took pictures for graduation announcements. I’ve decided to print my own graduation announcement cards and I have made a few example cards with random pictures to show you what you can do. Here are a few rough graduation cards and the websites where you can create your own. I left in all of the links on the pictures, but I was able to easily delete this from the announcements.

1. I found many cute templates at  and they have the option to either print the announcements at home, share online, or order prints.

My Invitation (1)

Here is the link to this graduation announcement if you like this one.

2. also has some simple, free graduation announcements. Once you email yourself the card, you can save the picture to your computer to print out.

example card 2

Here is the link for this announcement.

3. I always use picmonkey to edit my pictures for this blog and I found out that they also have free templates you can use for announcements. There aren’t many graduation specific announcements, so I used one for mother’s day for this card and changed the colors around. Go here and type “free” in the search templates box.


4. It was so fun to look at all the photo collage options on Like picmonkey, this site has the option to upgrade your account, but also has many free templates. However, you can’t actually search on this site and the templates are a little more specific to the occasion they are designed for, so you have to browse for a while to find something you like.


5. My favorite website was It has great options for all your at-home photo design needs. They have so much to look through and design types for anything you may be using your pictures to create.

Example grad

Here is the link to this one and it is really simple to change the colors and font around. However, you may have to tweak the size of your pictures a bit, because as you can see they need to fit the layout provided.

If you look through all the templates on these sites and just cannot find the perfect one, I recommend looking for photo collage websites and seeing what arrangement of photos works.

I am still waiting for my actual pictures, but when I make my real graduation announcements I’ll be sure to post my final result along with all the other little details of sending out graduation announcements.

Good luck!


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