Twist Headband

As its starting to get cooler outside, I wanted to crochet something for the fall and I found a headband pattern that I love. I made it a little wider then the original pattern, but overall, I followed it almost exactly.

I used Lion Brand Yarn Woolspun in Linen, which I actually found on sale. First, I foundation single crocheted 93 (you really just want to make sure the headband will fit around your head when it is folded in half). I wanted my headband a little thicker so I did seven rows of single crochet instead of five rows like it says on the original pattern.


Once you have the length and width of the headband that you want (I recommend trying it on around your head in the same way it will be stitched together) you can fold your headband according to the following pictures: fold-1fold-2fold-3Once you have it folded correctly, stitch the two sides of the back of the headband together, then stitch together the top and the bottom portions of the headband. For the front of the headband, it helps emphasize the knot if the top slightly overlaps the bottom on one side of the knot and vice versa on the other side of the knot. stitchAfter you have stitched the top and bottom together all the way around the headband you’re all done! Here’s what mine looks like when I put it on!


I’m starting to make a hat version of this headband, so I’ll try to post the modifications to the original pattern for a hat and pictures of how it turns out. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Twist Headband

  1. Hannah, this headband is so lovely for the winter! I only know how to crochet and have been in search of others who enjoy this craft as well. My sister was a knitter, but I found that just a bit out of my league! This is definitely something I can try! Thank you for sharing all the links as well! Truly beautiful work! I’ll be back to read more!!! 🙂

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