Freebie Friday: Blue Bottle Coffee

I started a free trial from Blue Bottle Coffee through their Blue Bottle at Home Subscription and got their Beta Blend. With the free trial they send a 2oz sample (free shipping included) of one of their blends, you can choose from origins, blends, or espresso options. I received my sample yesterday and the package included a description of the blend, the 2 oz sample and an informational card about Blue Bottle at Home.

blue bottle sample.jpg

The blends are a combination of two of their origin roasts to create a lighter coffee. and all are certified organic. According to their informational card, the coffee has hints of candied orange, milk chocolate, and white peach. I definitely got a hint of the candied orange, but missed the white peach. Maybe when I try it again I will be able to pick up on those flavors more. I ground my beans with a Hario Skerton Hand Mill, which is adjustable and allows you to grind your beans to any preference you may have, and its a nice arm workout. I prepared the coffee with  my Frieling french press. Overall I was impressed with their coffee and thought it was a nice subtle blend.

french press.jpg

Two weeks after receiving your free sample, your subscription will automatically start and you will receive a 12 oz bag of your selected option every other week at $14 a shipment, but you can cancel your subscription before you are charged anything. If you don’t cancel your subscription, you can change your preferences if you want to try out a different option or frequency. I don’t think I will continue with a subscription because I like trying out different coffee, but I will definitely order Blue Bottle again. I’m excited I had the chance to share this and I’ve also ordered some other freebies I hope to share in the future.


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