DIY Chevron Necklace

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share a tutorial for a three tiered chevron necklace. It was super easy to make and a lot of fun.chevron necklace square


  1. Three varieties of beads
  2. 9 crimping beads
  3. A relatively long chain
  4. Pliers
  5. 0.018 inch wire
    necklace materials

Start by cutting out two pieces of wire for each type of bead you choose and then on one end of one of the strands of wire, fold over the wire into a crimping bead and squish the bead with your pliers. Then, put a crimping bead on the end of the other piece of wire and feed it through the loop of the first piece of wire and then fold it back over into its crimping bead before squishing it, connecting the two pieces of wire together. Then, add beads to one of pieces of wire. After adding your desired number of beads, put a crimping bead on the end and fold the wire back over into the beads on that piece of wire. This is the hard part because you want as little space between the last bead and the crimping bead as possible, so just keep pulling the wire as close as possible before squishing the crimping bead with your pliers.

linked wire

Next, you can move on to the other piece of wire and add the same number of beads as you did the first side, then go through the same processes as I stated above with the crimping bead. This will complete one tier. Then you go through the same process with each variety of bead you want. Make sure that each side of the tier is the same length as not only each other, but also the other tiers you previously made.
adding beadsLastly, you should disconnect the middle part of your chain and connect the bottom tier between the two sides of the chain where you disconnected. Then give equal spacing between each chevron tier.  As you can see, for my top tier I used a combination of big and small beads, but I made the mistake of putting the big beads in the middle, which made more of a U shape than a V shape, so I would recommend putting the smaller beads in the middle if you are going to do something like this. Other than that, I love this necklace! I think it is my new favorite.
Finished necklace

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