Black & White Dishcloths–Cross Pattern

3 washcloths xsFor my second black and white washcloth, I made a pattern with three white crosses and a black background. I love the way it turned out and I thought it would be fun to share.

You will need:

  1. Black and white (or contrasting colors) cotton yarn–I used Lions Brand Kitchen Cotton
  2. Crochet hook in the correct gauge
  3. Scissors


  1. To start off, chain 33, the same number of stitches I used in the V-stitch washcloth. Then, turn your work and half double crochet across for three rows.
  2. On the fourth row, after turning your work, half double crocheted for about 9 stitches, then change colors to white for 3 stitches (you can either cut the black yarn and weave it in later or crochet the black yarn into the white). After you have crocheted 3 stitches of white, change colors to black and crochet 9 stitches, then switch to white and crochet 3 stitches, and lastly change to black and crochet 9 more stitches. Do these steps for two more rows.
  3. The next part of the pattern is the middle section of the cross. Start crocheting another row of black, for 5 stitches, then change colors to white and crochet 9 stitches of hdc, change colors to black for 5 hdc, switch back to white and crochet 9 hdc, lastly switch to black for 5 half double crochets. Repeat this part of the pattern for two more rows.
  4. Once you have a total of three rows where there are 9 stitches of white across on each cross, crochet 9 hdc stitches in black, then switch to white for 3 stitches, black for 9 stitches, white for 3 stitches and black for 9 stitches. Repeat that pattern for two more rows, then turn your works and crochet 33 stitches across in black for three rows.xs washcloth
  5. After you have crocheted 3 rows of black, start the middle cross. This follows a similar pattern, except the first three rows of the cross should have 15 stitches of black, 3 stitches of white, and 15 stitches of black on the other side.
  6. Then for the middle three rows of the cross you should have 12 stitches of black, 9 stitches of white and 12 stitches of black.
  7. Lastly, the top three rows of the cross should once again have 15 stitches of black, 3 of white, and 15 of black.

3 xs washcloth

Once you get to the top of the cross, you can crochet 3 rows of half double crochet in black and cut and tie your work. Make sure you weave in all your loose yarn and cut excess. Then, to finish it off I did a border of white by half double crocheting around the entire washcloth and… thats it! I just have one more crochet washcloth pattern to share for the complete set.  folded wash cloths

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