Black & White Crochet Washcloths–V Stitch


I have made a few different varieties of black and white dishcloths from cotton yarn that I will be posting the next couple of days.

The first one I made was inspired by this blog post and uses a V-stitch.

For this project you will need:

  1. Two colors of cotton yarn–I used Lions Brand Kitchen Cotton Yarn in Vanilla and Licorice
  2. Crochet hook in the correct gauge
  3. Scissors

First, chain an odd number. I chained about 33. Then, double crochet in the 6th stitch from your crochet hook, chain 1, and double crochet into the same stitch. Skip two chains on your foundation chain and double crochet into the third, chain 1, and double crochet into the same stitch. Continue with this pattern of skipping two, double crocheting in the third, chaining 1 and double crocheting in the same stitch until you reach the end of the row. In the last stitch, double crochet once. Lastly, cut your yarn at the end of the row before moving on to your second color.

Kitchen CottonJoin in your new color of yarn with a slip stitch and chain three.  Then, double crochet into the space of the V-stitch below (by “space” I mean the area between the two double crochets into the same stitch on the row below), chain 1, and double crochet into the same space. Continue this until the end of the row and double crochet into the last stitch. Then, cut your yarn and move on to your original color. Continue with this pattern until you decide your washcloth is long enough.


When your wash cloth is long enough, you can either cut your last string and do a border with the opposite color, or your can make a border using the same color and continue crocheting.

Border Side View

For the border, I half double crocheted all the way around the washcloth and crocheted four half double crochets into each corner (two on each side of the corner. Then, slip stitch the last and first stitch together and the washcloth is complete! Border

I love these washcloths and I hope to use this stitch for future projects. If you like these washcloths too look out for my blog posts later this week because I will show how to make two more variations on black and white washcloths!

3 washcloths

If you like this washcloth, but don’t feel like trying to crochet it check it out on my etsy shop!

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