4th of July Coasters

star coaster

For my next crochet project, I thought it would be fun to make something for the 4th of July. So, I made some coasters that could be used at a barbecue or given as a hostess gift. This pattern was super easy and I love the way the yarn ended up giving the coasters a tie dye effect.

You will need:

  1. Yarn (Sugar n’ Cream in Red/White/Blue)
  2. Crochet Hook in the correct gauge
  3. Thread & Needle
  4. Stiff Fabric (felt or burlap for example–I used a basic floor mat that I got from the dollar tree)

red,white & blue yarnCrocheting the Coaster

First, you start with a magic circle, chain two, and double crochet 12 times into the circle.

After double crocheting 12, slip stitch into the first double crochet.

Then, double crochet where you just slip stitched and double crochet twice into the next stitch, continue with the pattern of double crocheting one and double crocheting two into the next stitch all the way around. Slip stitch into the first double crochet and chain 2.

Repeat this process for 4-5 rows. Then, tie off your yarn and crochet in the loose ends.

Making a Star

Draw a star on a piece of paper and cut it out. Then, trace the star on the back side of your fabric with a sharpie and cut out enough stars for all of your coasters.

classic mat

After you cut out your stars, use a needle and thread to whip stitch the star onto the coaster. Try to sew into the yarn instead of into the holes. After you have finished sewing the stars on all of the coasters, you can either tie a ribbon around them for a gift, or go ahead and start using them!

side view of coaster

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