Anchor Granny Square Pocket

Anchor Pocket in Nautical Bag

To finish off my nautical themed crochet bag, I crocheted an anchor pocket out of a granny square. Granny squares turned out to be much more difficult to make than I thought because it was hard to keep the corners even. However, this tutorial helped me out a lot, so I would recommend watching it if you also have trouble making a granny square.

What you will need:

  1. Yarn in two colors (I used Red heart in white and Caron simply soft in red)
  2. Crochet Hook in the correct gauge
  3. Thread in two colors to match the stripes
  4. Needle
  5. Scissors

The first thing I did to make my pocket was crochet a basic granny square out of the white yarn.


Then, I crocheted the various parts of the anchor individually, using this Anchor Crochet Pattern.

Pieces of anchor

Next, I used my crochet hook and some extra red yarn to connect the various parts of the anchor in their desired places on the granny square.

complete granny square

Lastly, I used the white and black thread to connect the pocket to the inside of the bag. I started with one color and when I got to the new stripe color, I tied the two colors of thread together to make sure that the thread did not stand out on the outside of the bag. I tied all the thread off, cut off any excess and that’s it! The granny square ended up being the perfect size to hold my cell phone or sunglasses. sewed in pocket


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