Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet


Happy Friday! For my post today, I was inspired by my favorite store that is too expensive to actually buy anything at… Anthropologie. I have been thinking about trying a few different knockoffs, but I just found a huge stash of beads, so I thought I would start with this bracelet. It was inspired by the Fluttered Tassel Wrap Bracelet, which was originally $128 at Anthropologie.

What you will need:

  1. Stringing wire
  2. Very thin yarn–I used Aunt Lydia’s Metallic 10 Gold Crochet Thread
  3. Lots of little beads
  4. Lobster clasp and jump ring
  5. Two crimping beads
  6. Pliers
  7. Scissors


Make your tassels first, using this tutorial, where you wrap thin yarn around a fork and tie it together near the top, then cut the opposite ends to form a mini tassel. The original bracelet has 6 tassels, but I didn’t want that many because mine ended up being bigger than in the Anthro version, so I only made 4. The yarn was wrapped around the fork about 40 times, but you could make the tassels a little thinner. I used gold yarn because it is currently the only thin yarn in my stash.

tiny tassel

Cut the wire so that it will fit a bit more than twice around your wrist. Then, string your wire through the crimping bead and then the lobster clasp. Then, turn the end of the wire around and loop it back through the lobster clasp and then the crimping bead. Pull the wire tight. Then, squish the crimping bead with pliers.

pliersAdd on all the beads and tassels in whatever pattern you like. Thread any excess wire through the first couple of beads. Then, do the same thing as you did with the lobster clasp, but with a jump ring to hook the clasp on to. Try to push the beads as far over to the start of the bracelet as possible before clamping down on the crimping bead with the pliers, pulling the wire tighter and tighter to make sure the beads can’t slide around too much on your bracelet. Clamp down on the second crimping bead then, put your bracelet on and admire it! I hope to do many more posts about DIY Anthropologie projects because I love their stuff!


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