DIY T-Shirt Yarn

DIY T-Shirt Yarn
I found a pattern for making a rug out of t-shirt yarn that I am really excited to make, but before I can start making the rug I need to make enough t-shirt yarn. So, I have been making yarn out of old shirts like crazy and I thought I would share how to make some t-shirt yarn.

You will need:

  1. Old T-shirt
  2. Scissors
  3. RulertshirtFirst, cut off the bottom part of the t-shirt, above the hem line.


Then, cut all the way across under the armpits of the shirt.

Cuts in t-shirtFold the shirt in half and use a ruler to make one-inch cuts all the way along the side of the t-shirt. Do not cut all the way to the end, stop about an inch away from the edge. t-shirt yarn cuts

Once you have made cuts all the way along the side of the t-shirt, unfold it and make a diagonal cut on the first one-inch strip of the shirt. The edge of the first one-inch strip will no longer be attached to the other side of the shirt. Then, for the following strips, cut diagonally from the top of one strip to the top of the strip diagonally across from it, repeat for each of the strips. The other side of the t-shirt will still be attached and you can cut straight across each portion of the strips. Then, roll the t-shirt yarn into a ball, pulling the yarn as you roll and you have a ball of t-shirt yarn! Once you have enough yarn you can crochet all sorts of fun things with t-shirt yarn.tshirt yarn

7 thoughts on “DIY T-Shirt Yarn

  1. I was going to give my outgrown tees away, but now I think you have shown me a better way to use them Thanks so much. Thank you for following my blog I can already tell I’m going to love yours.


    1. You should definitely try it! I have also made some yarn out of old sheets. They are a little bit more difficult to cut continuous stands from, but it makes a lot more yarn if you are planning on making a big project.


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