DIY Spray Painted Pot

DIY Spray Painted Pot

This summer, I am working on my window-sill garden and to start it off I planted bachelor’s button flower seeds into a mini tera cotta pot. Lately, they have been growing too big for their mini pot and I decided it was time to get them into a larger pot. But, before transferring my seedlings to the new pot, I thought it would be fun to decorate it first.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Tera Cotta pot and base (I got mine from Home Depot for $3)
  2. Spray Paint (you could also use acrylic paint)–(Krylon color master paint + primer in catalina mist satin seen here)
  3. Wet Wash Cloth
  4. Sharpie

Terra cotta pot & spray paint

First, I wiped the pot down with a wet washcloth to get any dust off it. Once the pot dried, I began spray painting. It took about three coats of paint (waiting a few hours between coats) to get a nice and even look. I only spray painted the inside to where I thought the level of the soil would be. After I finished painting, I let the pot dry completely over night and then decorated it with a triangle pattern, using a black sharpie. Sharpie pattern

After I finished adding my pattern, I put some small rocks on the bottom of the pot, filled it with dirt and put my seedlings in. My window-sill garden is slowly coming along, but there is still much more I would like to do.  Window-sill garden

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